2017, HD, 09:13

PAPERWEIGHT is a one-shot/one-take depiction of a writer struggling to finish his last masterpiece and battle the demons of creation….

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The Light Fantastic Toe

2015, HD, 5:43

The Light Fantastic Toe presents the five minutes leading up to a stereoscopic portrait of a family. The family is…

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Double Smoke

2012, collages and water colors on paper

The 4 collages of Double Smoke bear images taken from a series of stereoscopic photographs from the end of the…

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Ballade to the Double

2012, 4 channel HD projections, 29:05 min

Throughout the history of cinema, trains have been known as symbols of time and duration. Just as the stereoscopic image…

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Double Windsor

2012, HD Video, 00:18 sec (loop)

The two-channel video work Double Windsor is inspired by the famous train scene from Buster Keaton’s The Goat (1921). While…

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Dust Bowl

2013, HD Animation, 00:18

The Dust Bowl is considered to be one of the worst man-made ecological disaster in American history. The favored agricultural…

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Cloud Demo/ Manara

2010, HD Video, 6:13 min

Manara cliff is located in the Manara Kibbutz in Israel next to the city of Kiryat Shmona, at the Finger…

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Star Demo

2010,HD-Video,1:11 min(loop)

In Star Demo, we are introduced to a dark, black night. The frame is divided into three horizontal parts.At the…

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FunTom/ Masarik

2009, Video,11:43 min

Snow Demo

2009,HD Video,7.50 min

In Snow Demo, a camera is placed inside of an industrial building courtyard at night looking out onto the street….

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