The Light Fantastic Toe

2015, HD, 5:43

The Light Fantastic Toe presents the five minutes leading up to a stereoscopic portrait of a family. The family is taking the portrait just before the patriarch leaves to join the Union army. The video begins with what, ostensibly, appears to be a split screen; however, it is actually a double set with one built next to the other creating the illusion of a stereoscopic image. While a traditional stereoscopic image employs a dual lens to create two similar frames, in my video, I remove this second lens and duplicate the actual scene in real life: identical twins play two separate roles, acting in the two identical sets, which themselves are replicas of a 1860’s New York apartment The portrait becomes no longer of one family, but it is in fact of two families—identical and different. Each family poses in front of a similar path, a similar destiny, the prospect of war. As the click of the camera captures an image for eternity, so it records the possibility of death.