Star Demo

2010,HD-Video,1:11 min(loop)

In Star Demo, we are introduced to a dark, black night. The frame is divided into three horizontal parts.At the bottom part of the frame the East River slowly flows, while two reflected buildings gently highlight its current flow.The middle part of the frame is the eminently familiar skyline of Manhattan; the Chrysler Building appears on the right side of the frame and the Empire State building on the left. The top part of the frame is the dark, starless sky. As the loop of the video continuously playing, we notice a shiny object floating up and down in the right part of the black sky.It is, in fact, a giant helium star balloon. The star balloon is attached to a 700 meter string and is being carried by the wind up and down the frame as it slowly appears and disappears. The camera is located on the East shore in Williamsburg; while a giant follow spot is placed next to it in an attempt to “catch” the balloon. The resulting image resembles the twinkling of a big and lonely star.