Snow Demo

2009,HD Video,7.50 min

In Snow Demo, a camera is placed inside of an industrial building courtyard at night looking out onto the street. As the camera pulls back, a small round object enters the frame, gently floating down from the sky. Another object appears. And then a few more. In a matter of seconds, thousands of flakes fill up the frame as the camera, ever so slightly, pulls back and up. At the end of the 7-minute single-shot of this relentless barrage of flakes, the ground is completely carpeted by these unidentified objects. These soft-looking balls might remind one of snowflakes, in their motion and texture. But they are actually 10,000 hand-made Styrofoam balls, each one attached to a small parachute.Snow Demo was an attempt to create an elaborate performance, and to emphasize the sense of community around the production of my movies.During the course of two months a hundred volunteers, in a rotating cycle of ten people at a time, had been helping me in attaching the Styrofoam balls to their matching parachutes. The day of the shoot started at 8am with a crew of 120 people, most of them participating in the two months of preparations.While watching the movie, the absence of the people is clear, as the spectator is left alone with the sounds of the rain surrounding him, and with the gentle, sweet invasion of the pink parachutes and the white Styrofoam snowflakes.