Dust Bowl

2013, HD Animation, 00:18

The Dust Bowl is considered to be one of the worst man-made ecological disaster in American history. The favored agricultural methods of farmers of the 1930s created the conditions for large-scale erosion, which eliminated the native grasses, which held the soil in place and help retain moisture during dry periods. When severe drought struck the Great Plains region in the 1930s, huge sand storms began to appear, which led to a massive migration and intensified the economic impact of the Great Depression in the region. The video Dust Bowl is based on one of the most iconic images of the sand storms. In the background a massive sand storm is coming, In the foreground a small house with almost unseen couple- a man and woman. As the sand slowly covers the frame, the man murders the woman. While the sound of the flash is completely covering the sound of the gunshot this violent act is left almost unseen, as we focus our gaze to the storm.