Cloud Demo/ Manara

2010, HD Video, 6:13 min

Manara cliff is located in the Manara Kibbutz in Israel next to the city of Kiryat Shmona, at the Finger of the Galilee area. It is about 5 km south and 2 km east of the Israel-Lebanon border. The cliff hosts the longest cable car in Israel. It acts as a tourist site, which offers the views of the Hula Valley, the Golan and both the Israeli peak and the Syrian Peak of the Hermon Mountain. While in Israel, political readings of my works were left unsaid, while the poetic readings were centered, in NY it was the political reading acting as a background that led to the interpretation of the work. While working on Cloud demo/Manara, it was clear to me that it wasn’t simply the transformation of a tramway to a cloud that interested me. It was the creation of a poetic, romantic gesture that will be placed in a political background that interested me. While the political background to my previous videos was a psychological one, in Cloud Demo/Manara the political background acts as an actual, physical one. Cloud Demo/ Manara is a seven minutes movie. In it we, as an audience, are involved in the game of cloud gazing. But while in the real game, you lie on the ground, stare at clouds, and look for familiar shapes, here we look at the three shapes and ask to see clouds. The video constantly shifts from shots of my “clouds,” with only blue skies and real clouds around them, to shots that contain the cliff itself; thus emphasizing the importance of the specific cliff, and its political implications.